Bishkek, 28-29 June 2018

Grand Conference Hall
of the State Residence №1

Exciting business development
and investment opportunities
in an emerging economy which
is democratic, stable and liberal.

Valery Tutykhin

Executive Chairman, Swiss-Central
Asian Business Council (Zürich)

Director, International Finance Centre
Development Agency (Bishkek)

Message from the organizers

How much do you know about Kyrgyzstan?

Unless you do business in the region, I bet that your knowledge of this country is sketchy at best.

Many of those who never visited Kyrgyzstan consider it an unimportant post-Soviet State with a small economy and legislation hardly comfortable for any quality business project.

However, the reality is drastically different from this.

During the past years Kyrgyzstan has become a comfortable regional and international investment hub whose predictability and stability are times higher than in the neighbouring States, whose laws are the most liberal among all post-Soviet nations and whose service infrastructure is durable and inexpensive.

It also generates many opportunities for investment and business development.

From gold mining — to cryptocurrency mining, from agricultural development to fill the vast neighbouring markets of the Customs Union — to international financial services, from pharmaceutical production — to cutting edge technology startups, — Kyrgyzstan has it all, and allows these businesses to grow in a very open and liberal legislative environment.

We are organizing the international investment forum to let you meet the decision makers in Government and in business, have direct discussions about your potential interest in Kyrgyzstan, check out instantly if your business idea can take off in this country, establish local contacts and simply enjoy the hospitality and unique aura of this beautiful land.

The event is supported by the leadership of the Kyrgyz Republic and will be organized in the conference centre of the Presidential residence No 1.