Bishkek, 28-29 June 2018

Grand Conference Hall
of the State Residence №1

Exciting business development
and investment opportunities
in an emerging economy which
is democratic, stable and liberal.

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New Kyrgyzstan 2018
International Investment Forum

Bishkek, 28-29 June 2018
Grand Conference Hall of the State Residence No 1

Kyrgyzstan is a unique country for the Central Asian region. Strategically located. Stable. Democratic. Totally open to international business. And full of investment and business development opportunities. The peaceful and democratic 2017 Presidential elections signalled a stable outlook for many years ahead.

We invite you to participate in a networking event which brings together key members of the Kyrgyz Republic Government, leaders of the country’s business community alongside emerging entrepreneurs, and the businesspeople from all over the world interested in exploring the exciting opportunities now open in Kyrgyzstan.

The Forum is scheduled to take place in the residential complex of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic (State Residence No 1) and will last two full days during which you will have the opportunity to meet Kyrgyzstan’s decision makers and entrepreneurs who drive innovation and development in this beautiful country.


The format of our event is as few monologues as possible. We will steer the course of the Forum to make it first of all a platform for direct contacts and communication. Public introductions will be made for those seeking to discuss a specific interest or project, and the ’speaking’ part will be structured in a very businesslike manner.

Registration of participants starts at 08:30

Part One

The Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic is to Ensure Comfortable Conditions for Investors

Session starts at 09:15


  • Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. M.D. Abylgaziev
  • Minister of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Pankratov O.M.
  • Chairman of the Service for Financial Market Regulation and Supervision, Mr. Mukanbetov S.T.
  • Dastan Dogoev, Advisor to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion and Protection Agency, Kenzhebayev S.M.

Part Two

Introduction of the Guests and a Discussion of International Financial Services Development in Kyrgyzstan

Session starts at 14:30

The Forum will be attended by delegates from international private and investment banks, investment funds and financial services companies. Kyrgyzstan’s financial services sector will be represented by banks, investment companies, the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, the International Commodities Exchange (INTERCOMEX) and industry consultants. The delegates wishing to announce their specific business interest will have a chance to do so. Short introductory speeches are planned.

  • «Opportunities in development of globally focused financial and investment services in the Kyrgyz Republic» — Valery Tutykhin, Executive Chairman, Swiss-Central Asian Business Council (Zürich), Director, International Finance Centre Development Agency (Bishkek), Partner, John Tiner & Partners.
  • «Contemporary State and corporate policies for settlements. Creation of new financial hubs» — Eugene Kogan, Partner, Moscow Partners (Russian investment company).
  • «Brief introduction of the Kyrgyz Republic’s tax system for investors» (Liudmila Diakonova, Mazars audit and consulting group).
  • «The Financial Centre Switzerland — History and Trends» — Herr Eduard Torno, Executive Director of Bank Vontobel AG (one of the largest private banks in Switzerland with over 246 billion CHF under management as of 1 January 2018).
  • The Forum will be the venue to announce an acquisition of the controlling share in Kyrgyzstan’s oldest investment company by a financial house based in Switzerland which is actively building up presence in the Central Asian region. (Cyrill Escher, for LEMAN Services et Investissements SA).

Conclusion of the opening day of the Forum — Dinner sponsored by the organizers. In the course of the dinner a charity auction will be held to support the Street Soccer Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic in organizing tournaments for children.

Part Three (second day of the Forum)

Promising Areas of Investment and Business Development in Kyrgyzstan

Session starts at 09:30

Presentation of investment opportunities and ideas for business development in the Kyrgyz Republic, discussion of notable completed investment cases:

  • «Mining projects available to investors, from small-scale to strategic» (main speaker — Chairman of the State Committee on Energy, Industry and Mining, Mr. Ulanbek Ryskulov)
  • «Business opportinities in the tourism and hospitality industry» (main speaker — Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Azamat Jamankulov)
  • «Foreign capital in Kyrgyzstan’s agricultural sector: investment cases, opportunities» (main speaker — Mr. Mirbek Borubashov, private entrepreneur)
  • «Aviation hub development, for cargo and passenger routes» (main speaker — Mr. Dair Tokobaev, expert)

Interaction with project developers and investors, questions and discussion.

Part Four

High Tech Business in Kyrgyzstan

Session starts at 14:30

  • Projects introduced by the High Technologies Park (lead speaker: Mr. Aziz Abakirov, High Technologies Park, Software Developers Association, Member of the President’s Council on Digital Transformation)
  • Development of blockchain business in Kyrgyzstan (lead speaker: Mr. Eugene Voitman, deputy director, International Commodity Exchange (INTERCOMEX))
  • Presentations of startup companies based in Kyrgyzstan

Dinner for the Forum participants.