Bishkek, 28-29 June 2018

Grand Conference Hall
of the State Residence №1

Exciting business development
and investment opportunities
in an emerging economy which
is democratic, stable and liberal.

What have you got there in Kyrgyzstan? Why should I go?

It is not easy to embrace the vast array of business opportunities open for a foreign businessperson in Kyrgyzstan, but we shall try.

First of all, Kyrgyzstan has a number of industrial investment opportunities.

Are you professionally interested in Mining? Or simply in investing a modest amount of wealth into mineral prospects with good potential? Please research what the country has to offer (spoiler: almost any mineral in the Periodic Table is here) and come to our event to talk to the local geological consultants, officials from the mining regulatory body as well as local lawyers who can explain the nuances of licensing and running a mining operation in Kyrgyzstan.

Unique tax privileges, availability of inexpensive but skilled labour and a duty-free trade regime with Russia, Kazakhstan and other Customs Union countries make Kyrgyzstan an ideal place to locate a production or assembly plant with a view to distribution within the vast market of the Customs Union. At the Forum we will provide you with the opportunity to talk to the State officials whose job is to streamline the regulatory interaction with industrial investors in the country.

There are a number of interesting opportunities in the Agricultural Sector. The land mass is vast, there are uniquely fertile areas such as the Fergana Valley, the Issyk Kul lake shoreline and some areas in the Batken district. Membership in the Customs Union opens a large market which includes Russia and Kazakhstan, for Kyrgyz-made agro products. The Government is keen on supporting investment into the agriculture, and has so far been successful in attracting foreign interest into local agro-production. The Forum is a perfect venue to explore the potential of agricultural business in Kyrgyzstan and talk to the relevant decision makers.

The Tourism and Hospitality industry enjoys steady growth year after year but is still a long way from being fully developed. There are many ideas to explore in bringing tourists into the country and profiting from delivering to them the optimal travel experience. The Forum is held during the high tourist season for the Issyk Kul lake area, and should you be interested to research opportunities for investment into the tourist infrastructure of that region, you will have a chance to go there in person to research.

Besides business opportunities in the «old economy» Kyrgyzstan welcomes foreign interest in its small but growing high tech sector. The country has a unique tax regime for export-focused software developers called The High Technologies Park within which you can run a globally-focused IT company almost completely tax-free.

A number of promising startups is launched every year in Kyrgyzstan, covering business areas including FinTech, Blockchain and neural network development.

Those interested in developing a business based on the enormous opportunities open by the blockchain technology in a flexible but regulated environment, can find in Kyrgyzstan a welcoming legal system and a friendly and inexpensive infrastructure to test run and then monetize their ideas. ICOs and investment token sales can be easily launched as fully regulated IPOs, crypto assets can be traded through AML-compliant investment firms and exchanges, to name a few unique factors making Kyrgyzstan appealing for the blockchain-based commerce.

Kyrgyzstan is an ideal hub for region-focused financial and investment services. Low taxes and absense of exchange controls in an otherwise well regulated environment make it optimal for financial services firms to set up shop there. The legislation is being fine-tuned to embrace the latest developments in structured finance. There are regionally focused family offices operating from Bishkek in a very cost efficient manner. Listing at the local exchange opens a fast-track listing opportunity in Russia, opening the vast Russian investment market for Kyrgyz-quoted financial products. The financial system is stable and has a great international outreach, enjoying well-developed links with China, Turkey, Korea, the Customs Union States and other key countries of the region.

And, yes. It is the most beautiful country we know. When choosing a place to do business, we think this matters.